Florida Fishing Charters

Miami Fishing Charter

There are a handful of places in the world renowned for deep sea fishing, Hawaii, Sydney, South Africa and of course of the coast of Florida.  There is something exhilarating in putting your wits, strength and skill up against some of nature’s toughest fish.  As an adventure sport deep sea fishing grows in popularity every year.  With a chance to vacation in a tropical destination and catch a blue marlin, this makes Miami and South Florida a great adventure spot.

Miami is uniquely situated for some of the best fishing experiences in the world.  Lying on the South East coast and facing the Atlantic, you can find mahi mahi, tuna, blue marlin, red snapper, grouper, yellow fin tuna, dolphin and even shark.  It’s near the gulf Stream, thus giving the area such a wide variety of game fish.  If you’re a novice or an experienced fisherman, booking a Miami fishing charter is the easiest way to head to the open water and drop a line.  Check out the video to see deep sea fishing off the coast of Florida.

Booking a Charter

Booking a Miami fishing charter gives you the chance to head out to deep water without having to own the boat or the equipment, a good charter service will have all of that included.  Before you book find a service familiar with the water and the type of fish you want to catch, they aren’t conveniently located right in the harbor in most cases.

Nothing ruins your vacation like booking a half day trip and spending all of your time travelling to the fishing spot.  Communication with the captain ahead of time is important, ask them to offer suggestions to you about the best options for type of fish and location.  These guys do this every day so they have a pretty good insight as to what to catch and where.

Prepare for the Trip

While this is hot and sunny South Florida out on the water you won’t notice the heat as much so lather on the sunscreen or you will end up the same color as the lobster dinner you’re planning on later.  Bring a good pair of sunglasses too, the sun reflecting off the water can be hard on the eyes.  The deck of the boat can get wet and slippery so bring a proper pair of deck shoes or light soled tennis shoes will do in a pinch.  For many people this is a bucket list trip so don’t forget to bring a camera or video recorder of some kind to capture the moment you reel in the big one, just make sure they stay dry and out of the sun.

Alaskan Charters

Alaskan Fishing Charters

If you’re an avid fisherman you’ve probably dreamt about reeling in an incredible King Salmon or a trophy worthy Rainbow Trout.  It’s time to head to the Pacific Northwest; we’re not talking about Seattle but the crisp cool waters off the coast of Alaska.  Alaska has some of the best fishing in all of North America with more than 800 marked fishing spots just off the highway, but booking a charter can have you heading out to the best spot.  Here are some of the best fishing charter companies in Alaska that we have chosen to partner with to give you the best possible experience.

Puffin Alaska Fishing Charters

They have mapped out some of the best fishing spots in Montague Island, Prince William Sound, and Resurrection Bay and at Kenai Fjords National Park, you can take in some incredible sights while reeling in some pacific halibut.

They have high end equipment, fast boats and a highly experienced crew, Puffin focuses on sport fishing.  You have the choice of fishing for salmon, halibut or rockfish.  Operating out of Seward there are both group and private charters available.

The Saltwater Safari Company

Saltwater Safari has excellent service and a great crew, they are an excellent charter service for the more budget conscious fisherman.  Their charters start at around $250 for a half day of fishing and if you want a full day it’s priced around $325.  If you have a decent sized group heading out you can negotiate good rates for an exclusive booking.  Licenses, meals and processing are not included in the cost, so discuss with them an all inclusive price for your trip.

You can fish for both halibut and salmon, and they will provide bait, tackle and filleting of your catch.  This is a great charter for the novice heading out for the first time.

The Caledonia

This is not your typical fishing charter boat, this is luxury charter fishing.  You’ll be casting from a yacht that can sleep up to 8 people at a time.  The Caledonia books exclusive trips for private groups that are treated to five star meals from a private chef, a personal guide, an accommodating hostess to make sure everyone is comfortable and enjoying the trip and of course the captain.  Featured in National Geographic, fishing aboard the Caledonia is the ultimate way to see the coast of Alaska.

You might think that booking a yacht would be exorbitantly expensive, but it isn’t as bad as you think.  The cost of chartering the Caledonia is about the same as booking a cruise…minus the 2000 other passengers.  You also won’t have to pay extra for offshore outings.

Fishing is big business in Alaska there are hundreds of tours we can book for you.  Everything from inexpensive half day trips through to luxury vacations.  Always look for a solid crew with a good reputation.