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When most recreational anglers think of fishing, they usually think of one of two things. Either nice relaxing time where they can casually cast and sip a beer, or a giving it all they got on an epic strike in order to land that beautiful trophy. In reality, fishing usually ends up being a mix of the two. Those who intend to relax more often find it difficult to hold back their competitive edge, and those who plan on catching beasts may find it difficult to relax when the biting is slow.

So what does this all have to do with fishing safety? Generally speaking, the fact that someone’s plans didn’t exactly align with what ended up happening means there is a good chance they didn’t prepare appropriately for the situation as well. Most of the time, this goes unnoticed, as the fisherman will simply return home after a long days casting thinking about the next trip they can take. But in the worst case scenario, something can go wrong that can potentially threaten your health.

What We’ve Seen in Florida

If you browse around looking for information on injuries and/or survival  strategies in fishing, lots of this focuses on preventing hypothermia or cold nights. While this is definitely important, we will only be speaking form experience in this article, so we will focus on what we have seen in our region, one that is quite tropical.

Cuts….Big Ones

If you’re heading out to do some long-awaited fishing, we would encourage you to try and understand the major species in the area, how they behave, and if they have any dangers associated with them (e.g. extra sharp dorsal fins, pronounced teeth, etc). Even if you’re going on a charter, it’s easy to miss this pertinent information or simply have a lapse in judgement among all the excitement after landing a fish.

The main types of cuts we have seen are from anglers being too anxious to get into the fishes mouth and release that hook. Whether it’s from their teeth, or from the angler not being patient enough and getting too close to an agitated fish without a secure hold (and subsequently receiving a gash from a dorsal fin), these cuts can be highly painful and substantial in terms of length an depth.

This is why knowing a little more about the species’ tendencies may come in handy. Not only will you know if they have specific fins or teeth to avoid, but you will  learn more about their usual habits in general, which should ultimately make you more equipped to catch one as well! Even if you’re on a charter where you receive expert knowledge, a group setting is never perfect, so please try and keep this advice in mind even for charters.

Elbow Pain with Casting

If you’re young and healthy, or if you don’t fish every single day, you may be thinking “what?”. We understand; however, so will you as you get up in age or increase your time spent fishing dramatically. Elbow pain is actually really common with those who fish everyday, and we’re not talking about general aches and pains. This type of elbow pain is caused by repetitive casting, and it’s the most painful during casting, so you can imagine the frustration when you begin to develop this pain.

It all has to do with the tendons around the elbow. The muscles in your upper arm (e.g. biceps) all turn cross the elbow joint to attach onto the upper forearm area. By the time the muscles cross over the elbow, they are already tendons at this point (tendons connect muscle to bone), so you don’t really see or notice them in the elbow area. That said, with repetitive casting, the same tendons continuously slide back and forth over the bony bumps in the elbow joint. This causes the tendons to become irritated, and soon you’re stuck in a cycle where every cast makes it hurt more.

So what do you do? There are some remedies for pain, such as Tylenol and Advil, as well as ice or heat, but these really don’t do much to actually treat the condition. In this case, the condition is pretty much the same as Tennis elbow or Golfer’s elbow, which are much more commonly known. They also result from repetitive arm motion, and the difference basically lies in which tendons are affected. In fishing, it can be either, as it will depend on how you cast, particularly forehand vs. backhand casting.

So while you can take pain medications to help get you through your day of casting, that will do nothing to actually treat the problem. Unfortunately, rest is usually the best option, with the biggest drawback being reduced time spent fishing. Additionally, these are often nagging injuries that hang around and re-appear anyway.

One more thing you can do to help yourself is wearing a strap around your elbow. Better known as golfers elbow straps or tennis elbow straps, these are cheap and minimal ways to help take the stress off those tendons while you cast. They are really simple, just tight straps that place a pressure point on a certain area of the tendon. This will alter the line of pull of the tendon just slightly, but won’t affect your actual performance. In this way, you are basically resting your tendon while still being able to cast! They aren’t perfect solutions, but something that can help you balance an appropriate amount of rest with an appropriate amount of fishing!


There are many more injuries and general safety items to consider when fishing, but we just wanted to highlight a coupe things we have seen more commonly in the area that most people don’t really think about. We would place more emphasis on our section related to cuts and other acute wounds, as those are typically more urgent situations. Just be prepared for the worst, bring a small medical pack with an appropriate amount of bandage or gauze material as well as some sort of sanitization substance. In terms of elbow pain, just keep those listed solutions in mind, but doctors, and especially physiotherapists are well-versed in solving these problems as well, so don’t hesitate to seek professional help to get you back on the water as soon as possible!



As a fisherman, what is your first response tech? If you’re like me, I always carry a keychain multi-tool and in this article, I will show you the reason behind this.

When you’re in the thick of things and something comes up, you need a reliable tool to be able to respond quickly. With the bigger multi-tool, you will be hampered by the size and weight. The keychain, on the other hand, is so handy, it can be deployed immediately.

Here are some reasons:

  • Always ready—The idea behind a multi-tool, particularly keychain multi-tool is preparedness. You don’t need to scamper around for tools when you have a set of tools that you carry on your person. When something comes up, you deploy your tool to solve the problem.

  • Adaptability—Multi-tools are unbeatable when it comes to offering simple solutions to everyday problems. It comes with a variety of functions that are just right for most of the circumstances that will arise. With a bit of imagination, you can even combine the tools that you come with the set to solve more complex problems. Common task like

  • Convenience—Loose screw, unopened bottle, and stray threads are no match to a keychain multi-tool. Those who always carry this small but effective tool find that it is so accessible and quick to deploy compared to a full blown toolbox. Finding the tool, completing the task can all be done in a flick. You don’t have to drop everything you’re doing, all you need to do is reach into your pocket, fix the problem and that’s it.

  • Efficiency—As a fisherman, you might not always need a ruler, a hex driver or a bottle opener, but if you need them, you have them. That’s the beauty behind a multi-tool. It is by far the most efficient way to carry a number of different tools in a highly portable format. While you can easily run into a situation that is a bit difficult to handle, this is a rare occasion. For the most part, it is the minor annoyances that you will usually meet.

  • Emergency—While emergencies can’t be predicted, the most that you can do is to stay prepared. For the most part, a keychain multi-tool is sufficient to deal with frequent situations. If you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere, having a keychain multi-tool will make the difference between survival and failure. This can easily happen to a fisherman who is frequently on the high seas.

While a keychain multi-tool is not a replacement to a full blown toolbox, it is sufficient to most of the daily challenges a fisherman may meet. If you don’t carry this tool on your person, you should be already. This is an effective on-the-spot implement to solve your everyday problems.

Do you carry a keychain multi-tool as a fisherman? Do you find it useful for your daily needs? Would you like to share your thoughts in the comment section below?

Florida Fishing Charters

Do you have any idea about what is the only accessory that you can wear when you’re fishing? It’s a watch. Aside from being a fashion accessory that goes with your outfit, having a good watch for fishing is definitely important. There are a lot of things that a good watch can do for you when you’re fishing more than you can ever think of.

In order to help you understand further, let us try to check out the best watches available are in the market and tips on finding the best one. You would also have to know how important it is really to wear a good watch when fishing.

Watch for Fishing

Wearing a good watch when fishing is like having a good support. Just as the www.tacxtactical.com is reminding outdoor enthusiasts to carry with them some tactical stuff to keep them safe and supported. Although a single watch may not be considered as we weapon, it can help you in every way possible.

You might not aware of it, but most outdoor watches were designed with added and more advanced features. Some of the must-have features that you need from a watch you are planning to wear when you’re fishing are.

Water-resistant. No need to explain further why you need a water-resistant watch when fishing. Right?

Compass. The latest watch has compass that you can use to guide you when you are outdoors. So you don’t need to think about getting lost.

Great display. You definitely need to wear a watch that is easy to read.

Barometer. Knowing the change of temperature is important for your safety. At least you have a way of knowing about the sudden change of weather.

Tidal information. You can also find great watches that will give you lunar or tidal information which you will find important when you’re fishing.

Alarm, illumination, sunrise and sunset information, material used, etc. These are some of the other features that you might want to look for a watch for fishing. You need all these features to help you through your entire fishing time. It would also mean safety and protection on your part since you’ll have all the necessary information needed to keep you safe.

Good watches to buy

Since there are really tons of outdoor and sports watches that you can find in the market, you’d be in a situation where you don’t really know which one to get for yourself. For instance, the Casio G Shock Mudman, which is considered as one of the most popular outdoor watches that has all the possible features that you need. It is very durable that will really suits to whatever water adventures you are into.

Some of the other options that you can consider are 2 Smith & Wesson SWW-GRH-1 Mumbai Lamplighter Watch, which is not only durable, it is also very fashionable to wear. Although it may not have tons of features, it is water-resistant. You can also consider the 4 Timex T499579J Unisex Expedition Classic Watch. It got lots of features and it is very cost effective. Something that many of you would love.

There are still so many other options for you to choose from. Just make sure that you do your own research before you settle for one.


When summer is near, what can be more fun than to book you next fishing charter? Fishing is an exciting activity for the entire family. This means preparedness. So what are you going to bring aside from the best fishing pliers?

In most cases, you might need to book way ahead of time because there are people like you who are planning on the same thing. A good fishing review site can help you with deciding which charter to take because this is where most services get a heavy review.

Basic Fishing Stuff that you Need

Fishing is not a highly complicated thing to do. With a few basic things you can set out and enjoy this age old activity. If you’re planning on bagging some huge fish, you need to charter a boat and set out to the open sea. Here are a few things that you need to take with you for your next fishing trip.

  1. Extra line

    Lines are relatively strong but the sharp teeth of fishes and some sharp rocks can easily snap it off. You need to equip yourself with some extra lines just in case you run out in the middle of an exciting angling. If you forget to bring that extra line, you will be forced to stop angling and suffer the frustration of a fishing cut too early.

  2. Extra hooks

    When your line breaks, along with it goes the hook. So if you bring some extra line, you must bring with you extra hooks as well. These two are the basic essentials in fishing and without it, you will have to fish with some other means.

  3. Extra sinkers

    This is the third of you basic fishing trio—hook, line and sinker. Just like the hook, when the line breaks, along goes the sinker too. Without the sinker, your fishing line and hook will just float around with a slim chance of meeting any fish. So bring some extra piece of sinker too.

  4. Extra clothing

    Fishing is a wet activity. You can be sure to get wet and feel the cold when you engage in fishing without bringing some extra piece of clothing. To avoid this scenario, you have to use proper fishing attire and bring extra clothes for later when the activity is done.

  5. First Aid kit

    If something can go wrong, it will go wrong and you don’t want to be offhanded when it happens. A handy first aid kit can make the difference between survival and all out chaos when injuries occur in a fishing trip. Make sure that you’re prepared when some unexpected problems occur.

If you have these things in your fishing go to bag, you are all set on your next fishing charter. You can be sure that your family will enjoy their vacation in the open sea. You can also be sure that you will have peace of mind because you’re prepared. So book that next vacation and prepare to enjoy.

Florida Fishing Charters

Going out on a trip with your family would mean real fun. With the kind of lifestyle that our world has these days, we need to find ways to loosen up and spend some quality time with our family, away from our usual daily life. For that same reason why going out with your family for a great fishing or hunting adventure is essential.


However, just like any outdoor activity, it’s not always about fun. Safety should always be of high priority. When you’re out there with your entire family, you need to make sure that you’re all safe and protected. It isn’t like sitting in the couch at home, safe and comfortable. Going out for some fishing and hunting adventure would mean trouble if you don’t know how to practice safety at all times.

Make safety your priority

Most accidents happen because people always take it for granted. They don’t pay much attention to safety and end up regretting it. And if they know that they should consider safety, they still don’t have the right knowledge and ideas about how implement it effectively.

It is truly important that you make safety your top priority. Mainly, you need to make a good plan before you go out there. When you have a concrete planning about where, when and what you should do when you get there, you’ll surely will have the huge chances of keeping everyone safe.

safetyIn whatever you do, you have to understand that one single mistake that you do might lead into a bigger trouble. Thus, the most important thing to do is to practice safety wherever and whenever you are. Check out some of the best practices and ways to keep you and your family safe and secure.

Safety Practices

You might have heard the popular line, ignorance excuses no one. Thus, before you go out with your family, you might want to talk to them over about safety. Educate them, especially the kids of the simple safety practices that they need to keep in mind all the time. For instance, they should at least know how to stay away from accidents especially when they’re out there in the water fishing. When it comes to hunting, teach them how to use, for instance pellet guns properly and safely.

Wearing protective gears and clothing is also necessary when you’re staying outdoors. It would vary though depending on your location and the weather. You also need to bring the necessary tools that you can use during emergencies. There are so many equipment available that you can use to keep you safe at all times. As simple as carrying a portable knife, rope or flashlight might save you.

In today’s time, bringing a fully charge mobile phone or a power bank is also important. It would also be necessary that you can inform some people that you’re going out there, your location as well as your estimated time of arrival. Most of all, make yourself familiar of the area first. If possible, you can always pay a good visit and inspect the area before you and your family would even go.



Florida Fishing Charters

Miami Fishing Charter

There are a handful of places in the world renowned for deep sea fishing, Hawaii, Sydney, South Africa and of course of the coast of Florida.  There is something exhilarating in putting your wits, strength and skill up against some of nature’s toughest fish.  As an adventure sport deep sea fishing grows in popularity every year.  With a chance to vacation in a tropical destination and catch a blue marlin, this makes Miami and South Florida a great adventure spot.

Miami is uniquely situated for some of the best fishing experiences in the world.  Lying on the South East coast and facing the Atlantic, you can find mahi mahi, tuna, blue marlin, red snapper, grouper, yellow fin tuna, dolphin and even shark.  It’s near the gulf Stream, thus giving the area such a wide variety of game fish.  If you’re a novice or an experienced fisherman, booking a Miami fishing charter is the easiest way to head to the open water and drop a line.  Check out the video to see deep sea fishing off the coast of Florida.

Booking a Charter

Booking a Miami fishing charter gives you the chance to head out to deep water without having to own the boat or the equipment, a good charter service will have all of that included.  Before you book find a service familiar with the water and the type of fish you want to catch, they aren’t conveniently located right in the harbor in most cases.

Nothing ruins your vacation like booking a half day trip and spending all of your time travelling to the fishing spot.  Communication with the captain ahead of time is important, ask them to offer suggestions to you about the best options for type of fish and location.  These guys do this every day so they have a pretty good insight as to what to catch and where.

Prepare for the Trip

While this is hot and sunny South Florida out on the water you won’t notice the heat as much so lather on the sunscreen or you will end up the same color as the lobster dinner you’re planning on later.  Bring a good pair of sunglasses too, the sun reflecting off the water can be hard on the eyes.  The deck of the boat can get wet and slippery so bring a proper pair of deck shoes or light soled tennis shoes will do in a pinch.  For many people this is a bucket list trip so don’t forget to bring a camera or video recorder of some kind to capture the moment you reel in the big one, just make sure they stay dry and out of the sun.

Alaskan Charters

Alaskan Fishing Charters

If you’re an avid fisherman you’ve probably dreamt about reeling in an incredible King Salmon or a trophy worthy Rainbow Trout.  It’s time to head to the Pacific Northwest; we’re not talking about Seattle but the crisp cool waters off the coast of Alaska.  Alaska has some of the best fishing in all of North America with more than 800 marked fishing spots just off the highway, but booking a charter can have you heading out to the best spot.  Here are some of the best fishing charter companies in Alaska that we have chosen to partner with to give you the best possible experience.

Puffin Alaska Fishing Charters

They have mapped out some of the best fishing spots in Montague Island, Prince William Sound, and Resurrection Bay and at Kenai Fjords National Park, you can take in some incredible sights while reeling in some pacific halibut.

They have high end equipment, fast boats and a highly experienced crew, Puffin focuses on sport fishing.  You have the choice of fishing for salmon, halibut or rockfish.  Operating out of Seward there are both group and private charters available.

The Saltwater Safari Company

Saltwater Safari has excellent service and a great crew, they are an excellent charter service for the more budget conscious fisherman.  Their charters start at around $250 for a half day of fishing and if you want a full day it’s priced around $325.  If you have a decent sized group heading out you can negotiate good rates for an exclusive booking.  Licenses, meals and processing are not included in the cost, so discuss with them an all inclusive price for your trip.

You can fish for both halibut and salmon, and they will provide bait, tackle and filleting of your catch.  This is a great charter for the novice heading out for the first time.

The Caledonia

This is not your typical fishing charter boat, this is luxury charter fishing.  You’ll be casting from a yacht that can sleep up to 8 people at a time.  The Caledonia books exclusive trips for private groups that are treated to five star meals from a private chef, a personal guide, an accommodating hostess to make sure everyone is comfortable and enjoying the trip and of course the captain.  Featured in National Geographic, fishing aboard the Caledonia is the ultimate way to see the coast of Alaska.

You might think that booking a yacht would be exorbitantly expensive, but it isn’t as bad as you think.  The cost of chartering the Caledonia is about the same as booking a cruise…minus the 2000 other passengers.  You also won’t have to pay extra for offshore outings.

Fishing is big business in Alaska there are hundreds of tours we can book for you.  Everything from inexpensive half day trips through to luxury vacations.  Always look for a solid crew with a good reputation.